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This is a port of Apogee's 3D action title Rise of the Triad, originally
released in 1994.  This port duplicates the functionality of the original
game on modern operating systems, including Linux, Win32, and Mac OS X.

This port makes use of the Simple Direct Media Layer, or SDL, and an additional
library named SDL_mixer.  If you do not have these libraries installed, check
the links section below.

This software is distributed in source code format and is licensed under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.  A copy of this license is included
with the software in the file COPYING.

This software is not supported by 3D Realms, Apogee, or the porters.

For reference, the primary contributors to this port are:

Steven Fuller
Ryan C. Gordon
John Hall
Dan Olson

Notes for the 1.1 Release

Thanks to the effort of the contributors listed below (and probably many more),
lots of bug fixes, portability improvements and new features have found their
way into the 1.1 release. Many changes have been ported over from the WinRott
port (not WinRottGL but plain WinRott) with the high resolution software
rendering support being the main feature of all these changes. Portability
fixes include support for 64-bit and big-endian systems.

Birger N. Andreasen (author of the WinRott port
  <>, initial work by Jonathan Bailey)
Hans de Goede (porting of the WinRott high resolution renderer,
  lots of bug and portability fixes for the Fedora package)
Alexander Thomas aka Dr. Lex (author of the OS X port
  <>, thanks Filippo Giunchedi for
  creating the appropriate patch for the Debian package)
Michael Karcher (lots of bug and portability fixes for the Debian package)
Fabian Greffrath (some minor improvements)

Notes for the 1.1.1 Release

Version 1.1.1 is merely a bugfix release that contains all the patches that
have accumulated in Fedora and Debian during the previous year.

Enabling the use of UNICODE (instead of keyboard scancodes) for the cheat codes
and names in the highscore table is considered the release goal for the next
point release. Getting network play working is considered the release goal for
the 2.0 version. Work on both of these projects has not yet begun, though...

In this context: Please send bug reports, questions, suggestions and comments
to the Fedora or Debian maintainers of the respective rott packages in these
distributions. Patches are always welcome. ;-)

General Hints

To compile the source code under Linux, change to the rott/ directory and type:

make clean

The source code is setup to use shareware binaries.  If you want to use the
registered version of ROTT, edit rott/develop.h and make the following changes:

#define SHAREWARE   1
#define SUPERROTT   0
#define SHAREWARE   0
#define SUPERROTT   1

After this, save your changes and compile as normal.

If you experience difficulty with sound, you may need to download a CVS version
of SDL_mixer.  Instructions for doing this can be found at the SDL_mixer site,
linked below.

Known Issues

- Demos go out of sync.
- No netplay support.

Helpful Links

ROTT Port site:

The Simple Direct Media Layer:


3D Realms official forum on ROTT source code:;f=24

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