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FreeFS displays a small window showing the disk usage of a single file
system.  There are three ways to select the file system monitored:

1) Run the program.  The file system monitored is either the one where
the program resides (if you ran it with the full pathname, or via the
wrapper), or the current directory.

2) Run the program with a file or directory argument (or use ROX-Filer
to drag a file or directory to its wrapper).

3) Run the program, then drag a file or directory into its window.

The window displays the file system mount point, the total size of the
file system, the used size and the size available.

Hold down the right mouse button for a menu.  From this menu you can
view the program info, change the configuration or quit the program.


There are three things that may be configured, two of which only apply
to the applet mode (see below).

The update rate is how often, in seconds, the file system is checked.

The initial size is the number of pixels (in each direction) the
applet uses in the panel or pinboard.  Note that the directory label
will have its own minimum size.  This option only applies when the
applet starts.

If the show directory option is selected then last component of the path
name of the mount point is shown below the size bar.


To aid setting up a gtkrc file here are the widgets and their names.

Window	       GtkWindow       "fs free"
"Mounted on"   GtkLabel	       "simple label"
mount point    GtkLabel	       "text display"
"Total"	       GtkLabel	       "simple label"
total size     GtkLabel	       "text display"
used	       GtkLabel	       "text display"
size bar       GtkProgressBar  "gauge"
free	       GtkLabel	       "text display"

Applet mode

With ROX-Filer 1.1.2 or later FreeFS can provide an display of free
space on a panel or pinboard.  The display is more minimalist,
consisting only of the size bar and the last component of the path
name of the mount point (optional).

The file system monitored can not currently be changed and is your
home directory.


You will need:
  GTK+ 2.0 or later
  ROX-CLib 2.1.0

Run FreeFS/AppRun --compile.  It should also compile itself when first run
or used as an applet.


Most of the AppRun file was lifted from ROX-Filer by Thomas

The design of the window came from the replacement RISC OS Free
templates by Bernard Veasey.

Remote mode

FreeFS can be driven in remote mode using SOAP messages sent as an X client 
message sent to one of its windows.  ROX-CLib provides functions for
this purpose, but a simpler way is provided via the command line.

Run FreeFS with the -R option and pass in a correct SOAP message via
standard input, similar to the use of -R with the rox command.  An
example of a SOAP message is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
 <env:Body xmlns="">

The supported messages (and their arguments) are:

Open Path [Parent] [Minimal] [ID]
Open a new window for Path.  If Parent is given it is an XID for a
socket and the window will be created in applet mode. If Minimal is
given and is equal to "yes" then the applet will be in minimal mode
(much smaller than usual), it has no affect if not a applet.  ID
designates the window for future reference in a Change call.

Open the FreeFS options window.

Change Path ID
Change the directory monitored by the window designated ID to be Path.

Stephen Watson
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