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I. Configuration of rrdcollect package.

The RRD is a format which is able to store very different types of data.
It depends only on users' needs and available hardware (i.e. if you like to
count people entering/exiting your room you need a sensor for it). The
rrdcollect was developed as a tool for gathering data from operating system
(especially from /proc data), not as an integrated tool to put everything on
the web in an easy way. I assume, that user knows what he wants to store in
database and the way to store it.

There is /etc/rrdcollect.conf file provided. It contains some entries
for documentation purposes. This package does NOT provide rrd files.
You MUST to create it for your own. Please look into the directory
/usr/share/doc/rrdcollect/examples/ for some common configuration.

If you want to know more about RRD format read following resources:
 - man rrdtool (and referenced manuals)
 - rrdtool webpage:

Some tutorials about creating RRD files and using RRD-related tools
are available on this webpage.

You can also us web tool for creating RRD archive available at:
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