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/* #include "../../README" */

This example demonstrates interrupt handling in real time.

You will also find out how to pronounce "Linux" correctly! Since I'm
not sure that everyone will be able to make out the words, here they are:
"Hello, this is Linus Torvalds. I'd like to pronounce `Linux': that's Linux!"
I took this file from .

The real-time process sets up the real-time clock (aka CMOS-clock) to generate
interrupts at 8192 Hz rate. On each interrupt it tries to get a sample from the
RT-FIFO number 0. If successful, it transforms the sample from 8bit ulaw
encoding to 1-bit sample and turns the speaker on or off accordingly.  This
takes advantage of the fact that .au files are typically sampled at 8kHz.

The sound quality is pretty low. 1-bit sampling is clearly not enough.

To run the example type `make; make test;'
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