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Ruby extension for libvorbisfile.

libvorbisfile is a decoder library provided with the Ogg Vorbis
distribution. See for details.

The API of this extension is virtually identical to that of
vorbisfile.h, with a couple of exceptions:

* Prefixes have been removed (ov_open -> open).
* The OggVorbis_File parameter is removed, as the VorbisFile object
  encapsulates this.

You can read the vorbisfile API at the above URL.


make install

Note that you must pass an existing (and opened) IO object to
VorbisFile::open(). This means you are not restricted to files -
reading from (e.g.) a socket is fine.

See test.rb for an example.

Note that Vorbis comments are in UTF-8 and test.rb uses iconv to convert
back to latin-1. Is there a more portable way of doing this ?

Feedback welcome.

Rik Hemsley (rikkus) <>

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