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            /        \________  _______
            \         \       \|       \
         ____\     ___/____   /|_       \
        /     \     \    \    \ |        \
        \            \____\_   \|         \
         \___________/          \    |    /
                 s3D \__________/________/


Many people, have been fascinated by 3D Desktops. There were/are projects like
3dwm and SUNs Looking Glass among others which try to replace your daily 
boring 2D Desktop. However, 3D GUIs are still hard and uncomfortable to use.

S3d unfortunately does not change that, but gives you a big playground to try 
your own ideas of 3D GUIs. With the simple API you can easily implement own 
interfaces without caring about writing object interaction, model loading or
3D widgets yourself. Many 3D applications can coexist in the same space 
(unlike usual OpenGL apps), just as the windows on your screen. And who knows, 
maybe we can really have a complete usable 3D desktop someday? :)


see the INSTALL file


I've written this program to satisfy myself (in some way), so please don't
assume that it could have ANY USEFULNESS. I just published it because I
thought someone might find it interesting, but there is no warranty for
anything. if you find bugs or you have ideas what you would like to see
implemented, or patches, please drop me a line.


All those things are published under the GPLv2 or later at your option.
The Library is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL), so you can
also write close-sourced thing which links to the library (if you
really have to ...).
COPYING for the GPLv2 and COPYING.LESSER for the LGPLv2.1 are included too.
if I'm mistaken in any ownership-concerns, please tell me and don't be
too mad at me, as I have had no idea of licensing at all.

Applications (GPLv2 or later):
* apps/dot_mcp
* apps/kism3d
* apps/meshs3d
* apps/s3d_x11gate
* apps/s3dfm
* apps/s3dosm
* apps/s3dvt
* example/*
* server

Librarys (LGPLv2.1 or later)
* libs3d
* libs3dw


please see the "Documentation" folder


IRC: 	#s3d @

Any Feedback is welcome!!

	Sven Eckelmann <>
	Mike Graenz <>
	Andreas Kohn <>
	Andreas Langer <>
	Marek Lindner <>
	Timo Schneider <>
	Christiane Weidauer <>
	Simon Wunderlich <>
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