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		SALSA-Lib - Small ALSA Library


SALSA-Lib is a small, light-weight, hot and spicy version of the ALSA
library, mainly for embedded systems with limited resources.
The library is designed to be source-level compatible with ALSA
library API for limited contents.  Most of function calls are inlined,
and accesses directly to the hardware via system calls.
Some components like ALSA sequencer aren't supported, and most of all,
the alsa-lib plugins and configurations are completely dropped.  Thus,
neither dmix nor format conversion is available with SALSA-lib.

The current features are like below:

  o All functions snd_config_*() are replaced with dummy ones since
    SALSA-Lib doesn't support the configuration files.
    The apps accessing config stuff won't work properly as expected.
  o The API functions that are not supported but defined have
    "deprecated" attribute.  You'll get compile warnings when
    compiling the code using such functions.  (The same is true for
    the all components below.)
  o Disabled as default

  o Supports only the hw layer, i.e. no up/down-mixing, format
    conversion, rate conversion, etc, and no external plug-in
  o Accepts the limited PCM name, "hw", "default", "default:x",
    and "hw:x,y,z"
  o snd_pcm_mmap_read/write*() aren't included
  o No async handler

  o Supports only the hw layer, no plug-in
  o Some H-control functions are not included
  o No async handler

  o No sort with weight as default, sorted in the order of numid
  o Simple-none layer only
  o "Capture Source" isn't split to switches but handled as an enum
    (I personally like this better :)
  o dB support can be selected via configure option
  o No linear <-> log dB conversion

  o No query interface
  o No async handler
  o Disabled as default

  o Should work
  o Disabled as default

  o Should work
  o Disabled as default

  o All replaced with dummy functions.  The apps using sequencer won't
    work properly.
  o Disabled as default

  o No APIs are provided


Some configure options are available to reduce the binary size.
As default, rawmidi, hwdep, timer, conf and seq components are
disabled.  They can be enabled via --enable-xxx option, such as
The mixer component is enabled as default, and can be disabled via
--disable-mixer option, as well.

The dB range support can be enabled via --enable-tlv option.  It's
disabled as default.

With option --enable-libasound, will be created as a
symlink to  This is useful for apps that require
libasound for linking/checking.

All these options can be enabled via a single option,
--enable-everything, for your convenience.

The alsa-library version to be compatbible can be given explicitly via
--with-compat-version option.  As default, 1.0.14 is set.

The library is installed as $LIBDIR/*.
This package provides also the compatible alsa.m4 and alsa.pc.  If the
other packages can be autoreconf'ed, you'll be able to link libsalsa
as it is.

The C header files are installed into $INCLUDEDIR/alsa.  The
alsa/asoundlib.h should be compatible with the normal alsa-lib's one.


For compiling the library with a cross compiler, run like the

	% CC=arm-linux-gcc \
	  ./configure --target=arm-linux --host=i686-linux

Don't forget to add "-linux" to the host option value.  Otherwise
configure script won't detect the host type correctly, and the shared
library won't be built properly.


See alsa-lib reference.  It's compatible!


Distributed under LGPL.  See COPYING file.

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