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!== README File for storing smbpasswd in LDAP
!== written by Gerald Carter <>

This is a quick and dirty means of storing smbpasswd entries
in smbpasswd.  Samba 2.2.x does not have any ability to grab
this information directly from LDAP so you will need to
periodically generate an smbpasswd from an ldapsearch

Be aware of search limits on your client or server which prevent
all entries from being returned in the search result.

Pre-requisites for &
You must install Mozilla PerLDAP which is available at:

PerLDAP depends on the Netscape (aka iPlanet) C-SDK which is
available for download at:


Pre-requisites for &
These two scripts are modified versions of 
[import|export] rewritten to use the Net::LDAP
perl module available from

OpenLDAP 2.0.x

A sample schema file (samba.schema) has been included for use
with OpenLDAP 2.0.x.  The OIDs used in this file are owned by
the Samba team and generated from its own Enterprise number
of 7165 (as issued by IANA).

Copy the samba.schema file into your /etc/openldap/schema directory,
and add an include for it in the /etc/openldap/slapd.conf file.
Note that samba.schema relies upon the uid and uidNumber attributes
from the RFC2307 schema (i.e. nis.schema)

If you choose to import /etc/passwd, nis, or nisplus tables 
into ldap, you can use migration tools provided by PADL Software 
which are located at

It is not a requirement that a user's /etc/passwd account
is stored in LDAP for the samba.schema file to work (although
the whole point of storing smbpasswd in LDAP is to have a 
single location for user accounts, right?)

The padl tools will leave you with LDIF files which you can import
into OpenLDAP.  Before you can import them, you need to include
nis.schema and cosine.schema in your slapd.conf file.

You must restart the LDAP server for these new included schema files 
to become active.


Make sure you customize the local site variable in the perl script
(i.e. ldapserver, rootdn, rootpw, etc...).  The script reads from
standard input and requires that user entries already exist
in your directories containing the 'objectclass: posixAccount'
value pair.  For more information on this object and related schema,
refer to RFC2307 and

The following will import an smbpasswd file into an LDAP directory

	$ cat smbpasswd | import[2]


Make sure you customize the local site variable in the perl script
(i.e. ldapserver, rootdn, rootpw, etc...).  You can then generate
an smbpasswd file by executing

	$ export[2] > smbpasswd

NOTE: Server side (or client side) search limites may prevent
all users from being listed.  Check you directory server documentation
for details. &
For more information on these scripts, see

The script requires a small command (smbencrypt) 
for generating LanMan and NT password hashes which 
can be found at

!== end of README
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