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SBLIM CMPI Development Package

The purpose of this package is to provide a standalone development kit
for CMPI providers. It contains the CMPI header files needed for compilation
of CMPI providers written in the C programming language.

It also contains the so-called CMPI C++ Wrapper, consisting of C++ header
files and a shared library implementing the C++ support.

You can find the CMPI documentation on the following website

Depending on the way you configure the package, the header files go to
/usr/include/cmpi or /usr/local/include/cmpi
while the C++ shared library goes to 
/usr/lib or /usr/local/lib 

We recommend the /usr/local prefix for testing purposes only

CMPI 1.0 and existing providers

If you plan to build CMPI providers written before release 1.0.0 availability
add "#define CMPI_VERSION 90" to the provider source or compile with 
-DCMPI_VERSION=90 option.

C++ Wrappers after 1.0.2

Due to an incorrect definition in cmpidt.h up to cmpi-devel 1.0.2 the UINT32
and SINT32 types were incorrectly defined as long ints.
While this doesn't impact binary compatibility on 32-bit platforms, the C++
wrapper is affected. It's necessary to recompile CMPI C++ providers with
cmpi-devel 1.0.3 or higher.
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