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  A new SCons checkpoint release,, is now available
  on the SCons download page:

  Here is a summary of the changes since 2.0:


    - SCons can now automatically embed manifests in Windows executables
      and DLLs, by setting WINDOWS_EMBED_MANIFEST in the environment.

    - SCons now searches for site_scons dirs in several system-wide
      and per-user locations, in addition to the SConstruct top dir.
      This should enable much easier use of third-party (non-core)


    - scons --version now prints the path to the SCons package in use

    - List modifications to existing features, where the previous behavior
      wouldn't actually be considered a bug

    - Add initial support for VS/VC 2010


    - Windows resource compiler (RC) scanner now handles DOS line endings
    - Visual Studio project generation now works when CPPPATH contains Dir nodes
    - Visual Studio projects are regenerated when CPPPATH or CPPDEFINES change
      NOTE: this will cause all MSVS projects to be regenerated with this version.
    - Passing MSVC_BATCH=False works now (treated same as 0)
    - Long compile lines no longer break MSVC_BATCH mode
    - RPATH is now in LINKCOM rather than LINKFLAGS, so resetting
      LINKFLAGS doesn't kill RPATH
    - Precompiled headers on Windows no longer break when used with
      variant dirs containing spaces.
    - Delete can now delete symlinks to directories and broken symlinks
    - CPPDEFINES containing dictionaries now work better.
    - A problem with using implicit-cache and removing dependencies on
      disk is corrected.
    - A problem with FS Entries which are dirs and have builders
      is corrected.
    - A problem with Install() of a dir when the dest dir exists
      is corrected.
    - Windows subprocess output should now be more reliable.
    - The users guide and man page have various fixes.
    - Appending to default $*FLAGS in a copied environment
      now works properly.
    - LaTeX scanner is improved for broken lines or embedded spaces.
    - Windows UNC paths (\\SERVER\SHARE\dir) now work much better.


    - ParseFlags now supports -std=c++0x and related CXXFLAGS
    - ParseFlags now supports -dylib_file from pkgconfig
    - New debugging options to print unlink/relinking of variant files
      (--debug=duplicate) and preparation of targets (--debug=prepare).
    - SCons can now generate MSVS 9.0 and 10.0 Projects and Solutions.
    - MSVS Solution generation is improved.
    - Fortran 03 is supported (preliminary)
    - .sx files are now treated as assembly sources.
    - site_scons/ is now treated as a proper module
      with __doc__, __file__ and __name__.
    - TeX command strings now work on Windows when the new dir is
      on a different drive letter.
    - DMD version 2 is supported (using the phobos2 library)
    - New --debug=prepare option shows each target as it's prepared
      for building; can help when you don't know why a target isn't
      being built.


    - Added new getting started section

  Thanks to
  Dirk Baechle,
  Vincent Beffara,
  Grzegorz Bizoń,
  Jean-François Colson,
  Bauke Conijn,
  Bill Deegan,
  Ken Deeter,
  Luca Falavigna,
  Alexander Goomenyuk,
  Justin Gullingsrud,
  Steven Knight,
  Arve Knudsen,
  Jean-Baptiste Lab,
  Rob Managan,
  Gary Oberbrunner,
  Evgeny Podjachev,
  Sohail Somani,
  Anatoly Techtonik,
  Allen Weeks,
  Russel Winder,
  Joe Zuntz
  for their contributions to this release.

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