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Networking support has been disabled in this distribution.
Thus, the examples in this directory will not work.

To learn more, see sfront/src/NETWORK.HTML

The original README for this example appears below.


This example lets you test sfront networking, by bouncing notes off of
a server at Berkeley (or, by the time you read this, some other host
on the network). Like the ascii example, you use the ASCII keyboard to
play pentatonic scales. The reflected notes will be transposed by a fifth.

Under Linux, just type "make" in this directory to run the example.

To test this program under Macintosh OS X, copy the Makefile.osx file
to Makefile, and then type "make".

To test this program under IRIX, HPUX, or FreeBSD, see the Makefile
for modification details. 

Sfront networking and the ascii driver isn't compatible with Windows,
so this example doesn't work.
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