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<TITLE>BLOCKS WWW Server Thanks</title>
<H1 ALIGN=CENTER><IMG ALIGN=MIDDLE SRC="/blocks/icons/hutch_logo.gif">
Blocks WWW Server
<IMG ALIGN=MIDDLE SRC="/blocks/icons/blocks.xbm"></H1>
A service for biological sequence analysis at the 
<A HREF="">Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center</A> 
in Seattle, Washington, USA.

This site is currently maintained by<BR> 
Jorja Henikoff, Pauline Ng, Shmuel Pietrokovski and Steven Henikoff.<BR>
Systems administration of our SUN server is provided by Supriatno Agus.

We would like to thank ...

<IMG SRC="" HEIGHT="45" WIDTH="300">
<A HREF="">NIGMS</A> our funding agency.<BR>
<LI>NIH RO1 GM029009 4/1/81-3/31/03<BR>
<LI>NIH RO1 GM068488 "Maintenance of blocks-based tools for functional genomics"
7/1/03 to 6/30/07

Bill Alford, the original BLOCKS Web pages designer.

<A HREF="/blocks/">Blocks Home</A><P>
<A href="/blocks-bin/">Contact us</A><P>
Page last modified on <MODIFICATION_DATE>Mar 2006</MODIFICATION_DATE>
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