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sisu-markup-samples - document markup examples for sisu, publish and search framework…  more info»


These are samples of documents prepared for use by SiSU
with SiSU markup

SiSU (v2 or v3) may be run against the contents of this package,

sisu --html filename.sst
sisu --html --epub --pdf filename.sst


On Debian:

(a) the lines to add for the upstream archive in /etc/apt/sources.list are:

  deb unstable main non-free
  deb-src unstable main non-free

(b) this package is placed in non-free, as the documents are released under the
author or original publisher's license, and the substantive texts of the
document is to be kept un-altered, which falls outside the Debian Free Software

(c) this package would be placed in /usr/share/doc/sisu/markup-samples-non-free
as reference material on how to markup documents
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