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SLRN may be used to access a secure server using SSL.  To do this, SSL
support must be enabled.

Compiling SLRN with SSL support

To build slrn with SSL support, you must first obtain and install the
OpenSSL library from  Beware that some
countries may have import/export regulations concerning such software.
If you get arrested, do not call me!  Just as important, do not
contact me if you have trouble compiling OpenSSL --- I have nothing to
do with the development of OpenSSL.

After installing OpenSSL, configure slrn for SSL support, e.g.,

   ./configure --with-ssl

By default, OpenSSL will install itself in /usr/local/ssl.  If you
install it elsewhere, e.g., $HOME/ssl, then use:

   ./configure --with-ssl=$HOME/ssl

After compiling it, `slrn --version' should indicate SSL support.

Using SLRN with secure servers

As far as slrn is concerned, only those servers whose names are prefixed with
"snews://" are secure and require SSL.  So, to access a secure server such as
netscape's, simply prefix the NNTP host name with
"snews://" and, if required, specify the port number.  For instance, 

   slrn -h snews:// --create

In your .slrnrc file, you may want to add a line such as:

   server "snews://" ".newsrc-netscape"

to indicate that the file ".newsrc-netscape" should be used for this

If the server requires authentication, you may also want to add a line such

   nnrpaccess "snews://" "username" "password"

That's it!
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