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@(#) $Id: README,v 1.3 1991/10/20 17:11:57 tron Exp $

This directory contains configuration files which represent the
configuration compiled into smail for a reasonably generic system
with networking.  Comments explain what would be available on a
system without networking, though the difference is not large.

The file `config' in this directory exists for informational purposes
only.  The other files can be copied and modified to create variant
configurations or to add new entries.  Unfortunately, the mere
existence of a director or router file completely replaces the
compiled configuration so adding one new entry to one of these files
requires that the file here be edited and copied to to the
configuration file directory, normally /usr/lib/smail.  Entries in a
run-time transports file complement, rather than replace, the entries
in the compiled-in configuration.
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