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SocNetV -A Social Networks Visualizer

1. Overview

Social Networks Visualizer (SocNetV) is a graphical and flexible application, 
which allows you to draw and visualize social networks (think mathematical graphs) 
and compute network statistics, i.e. distances, centralities, diameter etc. 

Various network file formats are supported, such as GraphML, Adjacency, Pajek, 
and GraphViz. You can modify an existing network, draw a new network using 
your mouse or have SocNetV create random networks for you.

Furthermore, SocNetV can crawl an internet website for you and create 
the network of its outLinks.

2. Availability & License

Official Website:

Author: Dimitris V. Kalamaras <>
My Blog:

SocNetV is a cross-platform application, developed in Qt4/C++. 

This means you can compile and run in on Linux, Mac and Windows. 

SocNetV is Free Software, distributed under the General Public Licence Version 3 
(see the COPYING file for details). 

The application is not a "finished" product. Therefore, 
there is no warranty of efficiency, correctness or usability. 
Nevertheless, we are looking forward to help you if you have any problem. 
See section 6 (bug reporting) below.

3. Installation

You can install SocNetV by:

a) compiling it from source or 
b) using binary packages.

In either case, you need Qt toolkit version 4.4+ . See:
Most Linux Distros have Qt installed by default. 
Windows users need to download and install Qt from here:

Please note that SocNetV uses QtWebKit to display online help. 
QtWebKit has been added to Qt from version 4.4, which means you can't compile 
SocNetV in distros with older releases of Qt.

a) Compile from Source Code
To compile from source code, download the tarball archive with the source code 
of SocNetV (you probably already have this :P). 
Then, untar (decompress) the archive using a command like this:

tar zxfv SocNetV-v0.XX.tar.gz

Then enter the new directory and compile with these commands:

cd socnetv-0.XX

Now you can install it using:

su -c 'make install' 


sudo make install 

If everything is ok, then you can run SocNetV by entering:


b) Install a binary package (Linux/Mac/Windows)

To install SocNetV from a binary package or an executable for Windows, 
check and see if there 
is a package for your operating system. 

You can find versions for Mac on the Internet, although these are 
not supported. See:

4. Command Line Options
SocNetV is primarily a GUI program. Nevertheless, some command line options 
are available. Type:

1) ./socnetv
   to start snv with network named loaded.
2) ./socnetv -v
   to print version of snv and exit.
3) ./socnetv -d 
   to enable debugging mode, in which snv prints comprehensive messages about 
   what it is doing.

5. Usage 

For usage documentation, see online help.

Or, when running SocNetV, press F1 to display the SocNetV Manual.

There are some example networks inside the /usr/local/doc/socnetv/net folder.
Just press Ctrl+O, go there  and choose one file.

6. Bug reporting

Please, file any bug reports in our bug tracker:

7. Note to packagers

Packagers: please note that the SocNetV manual is copied to 
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