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sopwith - Classic sopwith game…  more info»


  This is a port of the game "Sopwith", which was originally by 
  BMB CompuScience Canada. The original author David L. Clark
  has kindly released the sourcecode under the GNU GPL.


     * Uses SDL, so will run on most modern operating systems
     * (in progress) GNOME port
     * Pseudo-functional networking
     * PC speaker emulation!

More Info

  More information about sopwith is available in some of the files
  included here:
     AUTHORS - People responsible for this
     COPYING - License information (GNU GPL)
     FAQ - Frequently asked questions about SDL Sopwith
     NEWS - Whats new, ChangeLog
     TODO - a sneak peek at possible future features

  You can find lots of information about sopwith the game at:


  If you like SDL Sopwith, email me and let me know!

  Simon Howard <>

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