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sopwith - port of the 1980's side-scrolling WWI dogfighting game…  more info»


To Do


Code Cleanup: 
	Remove useless files: swutil.c
	Restructure display to be state based - avoids all the horrible crap
		with longjmp at the moment
	Remove the XOR'ing mess - just draw the entire screen each time.
		Computers are fast enough that we dont need to do this 
		any more :)
	Ability to abort server
	Network disconnect should bring you back to the title screen
		Also on failure to connect
	Keep sending even when we are waiting for data (up to a point of 
		course). Currently the network code wont send the next 
		movement until its received the next movement from the 
		other player. As a result any kind of lag will drastically 
		kill the game speed.	
	> 2 Players, Teams
	Extra game modes -- Capture the flag etc


Custom levels
High score table?
Reconfigurable keys
Safe base?

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