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sopwith - port of the 1980's side-scrolling WWI dogfighting game…  more info»


Added man page patch from Ken to update documentation.

Added include statements in vid_vga.c and sdl/video.c to bring
us in line with Debian's patches. Update provided by Ken.

Applied patch to swasynio.c to correct spelling errors. Patch
supplies by Ken from the Debian project.

Oil tank explosions should be a little more intense now. These
larger/faster explosions can be turned off at the command line
by using the "-e" flag.
(Closes Debian bug 188298.)


Added range check patch to avoid crashes when plan or missile is close to
the edge of the map. Patch was provided by Mikko Vartianinen.
(Closes Debian bugs 224518 and 258751.)

Mouse pointer no longer appears over Sopwith window.
(Closes Debian bug 187930.)

Depreciated gtk branch, updated configure/makefile scripts.

Sound is now turned off by default. Sound can be turned on using
the -p flag from the command line.

Fixed socket check in tcpcomm.c (error returns -1, not less than -2).

When AI plane is chasing the player's plane, the AI plane will now shoot
if it is in position. (swauto.c)

When the player's plane is damaged, the auto-pilot is less
manouverable, just like the player's controls. (swauto.c)

Holding down the X or Z keys now causes the player's plane to
constantly speed up or slow down. Previously, the key had
to be rapidly tapped to change speed.
(Fixes Debian bug 188301.)

Updated title screen to show exit message.

Fixed compiler warning in swconf.c


Cleaned up some compile errors from gcc 4.4.1 on Ubuntu.
(Closes Debian bug 582399.)

Added -g command line option. -g and a number, such as -g2
will start the game on difficulty level 2. Normally the
game starts at zero. (Closes Debian bug 582398.)


Fix some compilation errors due to an error in swinit.c
Fix networking which got broken somewhere.


Allow control via arrow keys, for people with "unusual" keyboard layouts
Fix right-ctrl for ctrl-c (thanks to electricelf)
Support Gtk+ 2.0 and some GNOME HiGification

Psion Port:
	devfs support
	improved screen squishing for revo
Code cleanup:
	Removed a load of redundant code including the last remnants of
		the old Imaginet code. Also some archaic stuff like the 
		ATARI/IBMPC defines
	Some of the keyboard code moved out into a system-independent


Fixed bug with harry keys mode and returning to home from the left
(thanks to Kodath duMatri)
Fixed bullets being colored (instead of always white like they should be)
Now totally under the GPL!


Removed old redundant collision detection code
PsiLinux port: 	Keyboard code added, video code improved. This port is now
Fixed gtk+ port turning off key repeat
Fixed SDL version drawing a blank screen on changing video modes
Fixed consistency failure with flocks between clients with different screen
renamed "getmode" to "getgamemode" to avoid conflicts with standard unix
function (thanks to Edwin Groothuis)
SDL Icon is now set from the internal sprite table, not from an external
file (no more "icon.bmp not found" errors)
Added manual page

v1.4.0 (29/06/2002)

Start of PsiLinux port (for Psion Revo/5MX)
Collision detection code rewritten
Save button added to settings dialog in Gtk+ version
Added original documentation to doc/origdoc.txt
Code restructure: All rendering is now done directly to the appropriate buffer,
		  the old Atari rendering functions (which I thought were CGA
		  functions) are no longer used as there are now native 8-bit
		  sopsym_t is used for storing sprites; ob->ob_symwdt/symhgt
		  removed as they are no longer of any use

v1.3.0 (??/11/2001)

Gtk+ port! (work in progress, no sound yet but it is playable)
Game no longer thrashes the CPU when waiting for keypresses or the next
'S' key to toggle sound fixed
Network connect now allows you to connect to a different port than the
default (use
Network option to connect to a TCP loop (forwards between two sopwith
clients using a third "man in the middle" server)
Fixed "holes" in ground when using solid ground (the solid ground function
was originally hacked from the line ground function, it is now practically
Fixed out of sync netgames when starting a netgame after playing a
single player game already.
build now uses autoconf/automake
Code cleanup: intson, intsoff calls removed, bmblib.[ch] removed from build
	      Build process changed: SDL code moved into a seperate 
	      subdirectory, Gtk+ code is in another directory. All the 
	      game code is compiled into a single module "sopwith.o" and 
	      this is linked with the appropriate modules for Sound, 
	      Graphics and Timer. This allows multiple ports for Gtk+, SDL
	      etc, while keeping the game itself seperate from the display
	      specific code.
	      Added a 'dos' subdirectory with relevant code for if/when
	      I do a DOS port.

v1.2.0 (4/11/2001)

Added options menu, game options are saved to disk (sopwith.ini on
Windows systems, ~/.sopwithrc on Unix). Game options:
	* enable/disable missiles
	* solid ground (draw as a block like sopwith 1)
	* hud splats (option to disable)
	* wounded planes (option to disable)
	* animals (oxen and birds)
	* harry keys (pull up/down keys are relative to screen, not plane)
	* fullscreen/double scale video options
	  (these were available before but required command line args)
More sensible versioning system
When you die, you are taken back to the menu rather than immediately
Splatted oxen turn the screen pink (as in Authors Edition)
Code cleanup: lots of reordering of the initial setup and restart code
Menu code is now all in swtitle.c (except the options menu which is in

v1.10 (2x/10/2001)

Networking! I have hacked in TCP/IP Networking based on the old asyncronous
multiplayer option code. There is a new option on the main menu "Network"
through which network games can be started.
Fixed use of auxdisp which was why the score was not displayed and was 
also why the map was not being properly refreshed.
Fixed command line args and updated help screen
Title screen based on the "network edition" title screen.
Extra command line args: 
-f (fullscreen)
-2 (double size window for easier viewing)
-l (network mode, listen for connection)
-j (network mode, connect to host)
Sopwith now quits if you hit ctrl-c, not escape, like in the original.
However, for lazy people not wanting to wait while their plane crashes
and the game exits, if you hit ctrl-c 3 times it quits immediately.
Hitting escape in menus now takes you back to the previous menu.

Major code cleanup - this is the main difference. I have created headers
for all the source modules so that it is no longer neccesary to include
millions of "extern" definitions in every file (which is tedious, ugly
and prone to bugs). I have also reformatted all the code so that it looks
nicer, and removed some obfuscations so that the code is more readable
in places. 
CVS Tags have been added to all source files for if/when I put this into
Various extra code hacks: sopwith1 theme music (was different music in
sopwith 1, I extracted the music sequence from the hexdump),
solid ground (also ala sopwith1)

v1.00 (15/10/2001)

Video and Sound is all working (afaik)
ASM removed/replaced.
Internally it draws everything as if it were still using a CGA screen,
I have written some SDL code that "emulates" a CGA screen and draws
it to an SDL screen. 
Sound is done in a similar way: The digital output in LibSDL is used to
make the appropriately-pitched beepings to sound like a PC Speaker :)
The API to the PC Speaker code is identical to those of a small 
library I wrote a while back to control the PC Speaker in DJGPP, this
is incase I want to do a DOS port.
Moved all of Andrew Jenners decompiled code into amj/, I do not use this
directly but it is useful in deciphering some ASM functions.
attic/ has all the asm source and other source files that are redundant
doc/ has all the documentation that came with the source
current bugs: crashing into an ox doesnt turn your screen pink,
	map/status bar dont refresh properly (?? score not displayed)

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