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sos - A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system…  more info»


This set of tools is designed to provide information to support
organizations in an extensible manner, allowing third parties,
package maintainers, and anyone else to provide plugins that will
collect, analyze, and report information that is useful for supporting
software packages.

This project is hosted at For the latest version,
to contribute, and for more information, please visit there.

To access to the public source code repository for this project run:

  svn checkout sos

(all the following as root)
to install locally ==> make install
to build an rpm ==> make rpm

See the Makefile.


 Navid Sheikhol-Eslami <>


 Steve Conklin  <>
 Pierre Amadio  <>
 John Berninger <>
 Navid Sheikhol-Eslami <>
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