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LDIF Address Book Import -- Version 1.4

This is a plugin for SquirrelMail to facilitate the importing of 
address book data from other mail programs.


* Imports virtually any address book data
* Data which doesn't directly correspond with a SquirrelMail field
  is added to the comment.
* Imports from LDIF files, such as produced by Netscape Communicator
* Provides a link to the InterGuru web based converter page
* Allows corrections to be made on-the-fly


A new link is added to the Options screen which leads you to the Import
screen, or if you wish to configure it otherwise, the functionality can
be added to the bottom of the addressbook page instead. See the config.php
file for more info. From here you are instructed to select an address book
file for import.  Once you submit the form, the import is performed, and
a table is displayed with the results.  Any duplicate entries or
other errors will be displayed, so that you know what needs to be
corrected. Any corrections from that table will be shown in a new window.

If your address book file is not in LDIF format, you are directed to
a web site with a converter which can convert many popular formats into
the LDIF format.

Future Work

* Include the ability to import csv files as well
* Make it compatible with the Extended Addressbook
* Export to ldif / csv
* Make it fully language independant


As with other plugins, just uncompress the archive in the plugins
directory, go back to the main directory, run configure and add the plugin.
There are a few options that you may configure in the config.php
file as explained in detail there.

Thx to those who have put time and effort into this version and previous
incarnations of this plugin, namely: Tyler Akins, Nic Bernstein, Paul
Lesneiwski and Brad Donison.

Questions/comments/etc can be sent to:
    Brad Donison <>

Flames can be sent to:
    Brad Donison </dev/null>

1.4   - Added the feature of allowing corrections to be made on-the-fly
      - Filtering out illegal characters
      - Enhanced how a nickname is chosen when none is provided
      - GREATLY improved it's speed (now import 100's of addresses)
      - Fixed it's acceptance of Mozilla produced ldif files
      - Made the options page an option;-) as defined in config.php
      = (Brad Donison)

1.3   - Updated for compatibility with SquirrelMail 1.4
      - New setup.php format for better overall SquirrelMail performance
      - Updated for new version reporting API
      = (Paul Lesneiwski)

1.2.1 - Added check that user actually selected a file before proceeding
        (Thanks to Dennis Puk Leung Kong <>)
      - More code cleanup
      - Replaced HTTP_POST_FILES with _FILES
      - Added handling of folded lines
      = (Nic Bernstein)

1.2   - Improved processing of various possible name fields
      - Updated to use optpage_register_block
      - Added support for more LDIF attributes
      - Added parsing of CN attributes, if necessary
      - Added option for default catch-all (see comments in source)
      - Fixed parsing of list-of-name entries
      - Fixed various bugs (and no doubt added new ones)
      - Cleaned up code to meet sq coding guidelines
      = (Nic Bernstein)

1.1   - Updated to use the SquirrelMail 1.1.1 validate.php.
      - Reworked processing a lot
      - Bugfix for Mac files
      - Removed need to copy uploaded file to a temporary file
      - (Tyler Akins)
1.0   - Initial version
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