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Rewrap Compose Text plugin for SquirrelMail
Ver 1.3, 2008/06/12

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Justus Pendleton <>
Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Lesniewski <>


This plugin adds a button to the compose screen which, when
clicked, will reformat the message body text being edited.
The reformating respects citation markers and blank lines.
For example, when replying to an email that has lines like:

> One line broken
> into two short lines.

They will be transformed into one line as such:

> One line broken into two short lines.


This plugin is released under the GNU General Public
License (see COPYING for details).


If you or your company make regular use of this software, please
consider supporting Open Source development by donating to the authors
or inquire about hiring them to consult on other projects.  Donation/
wish list links for the author(s) are as follows:

Paul Lesniewski:


  * SquirrelMail version 1.4.0

  * Compatibility plugin version 2.0.7 or above, unless
    using SquirrelMail version 1.4.10+ or 1.5.2+

Help Requests

Before looking for help elsewhere, please try to help yourself:

  * Look to see if others have already asked about the same issue.
    There are tips and links for the best places to do this in
    the SquirrelMail mailing list posting guidelines:
    You should also try Google or some other search engine.

  * If you cannot find any information about your issue, please
    first mail your help request to the squirrelmail-plugins
    mailing list.  Information about it can be found here:
    You MUST read the mailing list posting guidelines (see above)
    and include as much information about your issue (and your
    system) as possible.  Including configtest output, any debug
    output, the plugin configuration settings you've made and
    anything else you can think of to make it easier to diagnose
    your problem will get you the most useful responses.  Inquiries
    that do not comply with the posting guidelines are liable to
    be ignored.
  * If you don't get any replies on the mailing list, you are
    welcome to send a help request to the authors' personal 
    address(es), but please be patient with the mailing list.


  * Rewrap only text that has been selected by the user.

  * Make work with HTML Mail? (Or at least disable when
    composing in HTML?)

  * Right now the wrap column is determined by the width
    of the compose text area.  Maybe make this a separate
    configuration variable?

Change Log
  v1.3  2008/06/12  Paul Lesniewski <>
    * Update to work with SquirrelMail 1.5.2
    * Miscellaneous cleanup and updates

  v1.2  2004/05/21  Justus Pendleton <>
    * Internationalization support (only en_US translated
      right now)
    * Only include JavaScript on compose page
    * Change name in this file to "Rewrap Compose Text" Plugin
    * Actually test it with IE...and then and workarounds
      so it works

  v1.1  Justus Pendleton <>
    * Move the <script/> stuff into a different hook so it
      appears in the header.
    * Move most of the PHP into functions.php
    * Check to see which version of SquirrelMail we are
      running under to call the proper javascript checker.

  v1.0  Justus Pendleton <>
    * Initial release

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