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Sun Jun 23 16:31:26 PDT 1985

The scripts needed to build a boot tape for 4.2 and beyond
live here.  Before trying anything look at the scripts 


To construct a tape suitable for bootstrapping a system
first find a spare file system for a ``mini root'' and
patch the buildmini shell script to reflect its location.
Second, decide where your ``distribution'' source is located
and patch the get and maketape scripts.  Then do the following:
	% buildmini
	% maketape [ 6250 | 1600 [ tapename [ remotetapemachine ] ] ]
This builds a distribution on one tape at 6250bpi, two tapes at 1600bpi.
The tape drive  may be on a remote machine if the last optional arg is given.
For 1600bpi, be sure and check whether /usr/src will fit on one tape.
The current distribution is about 80+ megabytes and easily fits on one tape
at 6250bpi with a blocking factor of 20.
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