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#	$OpenBSD: README,v 1.2 2002/06/09 06:15:15 todd Exp $

Notes about the KerberosV support in OpenBSD:

- This is currently experimental code.

- OpenBSD contains the Heimdal implementation of KerberosV from KTH in Sweden.

- Please check the heimdal info page (type "info heimdal") to get more
  information. A number of manpages exist, mainly describing the krb5 API.

- There are some very informational RFCs in the source directory.

- Before you use KerberosV you should setup an /etc/kerberosV/krb5.conf
  according to the instructions in the heimdal infopage.

- The directory /var/heimdal contains logs, the database and acl files,
  and must be created before the kdc, kadmind or kpasswdd can be used.
  Disclosing the database would be a _really_ bad thing.

- The file /etc/kerberosV/krb5.keytab contains the encryption keys and
  its important that you keep this file secret.
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