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The is the README file for the sscalc program.

A while back I needed to be able to calculate the sunrise and sunset
for my town so that I could have the lights turn on then outside via
my X10 controller.

Finding a program to do this was tough. All of the programs were
written in BASIC, or in elisp in Emacs. I ported the elisp program
over to C, but there were always some problems with that code. I used
that program for six years.

I found the current code base on a page at NOAA's web site and
released the port with the permission of Chris Cornwall. The code
is written in javascript, which ports fairly easily over to C. This
code is much cleaner than the elisp code.

The code does an approximation of the sunrise and sunset, and can be
off by as much as two minutes. This was good enough for my purposes,
but may not be for yours -- you've been warned.
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