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	ssh-gui is a front-end for ssh.  You might ask "Why?".  The true reason 
is because I found the padlock icon for my panel and had to use it for ssh.  
However, due to how lame that is, another reason is that it is clean, displays 
the options well and allows you to open more than one ssh terminal.
	The program right now supports every available ssh option except for
'-o', and if you really want it just tell me.  To use the program fill out the options you want, your username and hostname and click "Start SSH".  This will open an xterm window with ssh.
	The next step is to allow users to:
		1) Store user-host config files
		2) Configure the xterm windows that open
		3) Store xterm-configs (possible in relation to user-host configs)
That's all for now.

Send any comments/requests/questions/patches/bugs/fixes/rants to	
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