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Transition plan

Currently the packages most affected by the RFC (as a result of following
an earlier version of it) will be gliese, spacechart, starplot, and yale.

a) Wait until the release of sarge, to avoid broken packages entering. [DONE]
b) Upload stardata-common.  Wait for it to progress through NEW. [DONE]
c) Upload RFC-compliant data packages.  This will stop spacechart/starplot
   users from having processed data files for a short time, but at least
   nothing will break. [DONE]
d) Upload RFC-compliant starplot and spacechart packages.  These need to
  Conflict against pre-RFC versions of yale and gliese. [DONE]

At any point after b), RFC-compliant versions of unrelated software and
data files may be uploaded.  We should upload an RFC-compliant package
of the Hipparcos catalog very soon after this, since it's DFSG-free
according to spacechart upstream, and a lot of programs seem to use it
in some form.

TODO stuff

- Add more rationale information to the policy
- Describe in the policy issues surrounding catalogue licenses and why
  it's better to have them as separate packages
- Register the policy through doc-base. [DONE]
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