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Survex for Debian


Survex is cave surveying software.  It will process cave survey data entered
as text to produce .3d files containing centreline data.  It can cope with 
extremely large datasets, and allows hierarchical arrangement of surveys.
Data can easily be imported from many other programs, and Compass data can 
be read natively. 

Survex provides a very fast and capable .3d file viewer called aven which
runs under X in the package survex-aven. 


The documentation is provided in HTML, text and PDF formats, and is also
online at:

There is a mailing list for users at - subscribe at:

Vim Support

The survex package include vim syntax highlighting for Survex data files,
but it is not enabled per default. If you want to enable it for your user
account just execute:

    vim-addons install survex
Similarly, to enable it for all users of this system just execute (as root):

    vim-addons -w install survex

vim-addons is provided by the vim-addon-manager package, and you can look
at its manpage for more information.

 -- Olly Betts <>  Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:25:27 +0000
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