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The .sc files, from Gnash's test suite's directory with same name, have been
imported here and compiled using the following command line:
	cpp -P -DMEDIADIR="../media" | swfc -o test.swf - (and has been slightly modified, so it performs a Swfdec
style trace test mostly without modifications to the test scripts. Where
modifications were needed, the original file is named .sc.original and modified
version just .sc

Various .sc files were not imported, they are listed in the REMOVED

Tests that are not working in Swfdec yet are in pending directory and are not
included in make check

Tests that are considered broken for some reason are not included. Most likely
reason is producing FAIL or XFAIL on latest Adobe's Windows player

The date when the tests were last imported/updated from Gnash's CVS repository
can be found from UPDATED
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