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 This program is used to display system related news to the users at login.
 it should be placed in the system-wide startup file of the shells available
 on the system. (/etc/profile for bash/sh, /etc/csh.login for csh/tcsh,
  /etc/zprofile for zsh, etc..), so its executed every time a user logs in.
 (i suggest to use `news -n', that way only article titles will be displayed
  and the user can decide when s/he wants to read it)
 the system news is kept in a directory /var/sysnews (this can be changed)
 where each sysnews article is a separate file (with the filename being
  the sysnews title.)
 to add a system news article, just edit one with your favorite editor
 and copy it /var/sysnews

 read the man-page for more details..

 to compile, just type `make'  to install type `make install'
 you have to create the /var/sysnews dir yourself..


 Latest version can be obtained from

-----CHANGES  news-0.4

  implemented a news expire function, which will delete news older than
  a given number of days, for example, you can the following in
  your crontab:

  0 2 * * *		 news -e 30

  this will run the news command every day at 2:00am and delete
  all articles older than 30 days.
  you can also specify acticles which may not be deleted,
  i.e. a 'newusers' article.. this is done by specifying the
  `-x' flag, followed by a comma separated list of article names,

  0 2 * * *		 news -e 30 -x newusers,important,etcetc

  which will purge all news older than 30 days, excluding newusers,
  important and etcetc.

  (thanks to for the idea)

-----CHANGES  news-0.5

  as suggested by:, i made the
  following changes:

   Added -l flag, which will, when used with the -n flag, print one
   article name per line.

   Added -d flag, this adds a date stamp when used with the -nl flags.

   Fixed a pager problem, some pagers don't pause after a short (less
    then 1 page) file is shown, and just exit. this can cause a short
   article to be scrolled of the screen, if the next article is
   longer then a page..
   Now all articles are piped through one pager, instead of a new
   pager for each article.

-----CHANGES  news-0.8

   Added -D flag, which allows you to specify a date format, see
    strftime(3) for detail on the format.

   Added -f flag, to read news from a dir other than the default.

   all article names (one per line, and/or comma separated) read from
   the file .noexpire in the sysnews directory, will not expire when
   `news -e #' is executed.

   added getopt.[ch] to the dist, for systems where its not included in libc.

-----CHANGES  news-0.9

   the $SYSNEWSFLAGS environment variable is checked for options.
   (thanks to Matt Foster <> for the idea..)

   Added long options.

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