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	Have talk scroll by screenfuls instead of single lines.
	Flip the escape-p/n and ctrl-p/n keys, so the other person's
	  window scrolls using ctrl. The rationale is that one scrolls
	  one's own screen much less often and ctrl-combinations are 
	  easier to type (and can be held down for repeat) - many
	  keyboards do not have a shifting key that sends an escape

	Fix minor nonexploitable overflow. (Found by "teso".)
	Fix input handling to not do silly things with 8-bit text input.
	  (noted by several people)
	Hopefully fix a problem where talk spews trash on tty hangup.
	Also fix things so that talk doesn't exit until you say so - if
	  the connection breaks, it won't let you type any more, but you
	  can still scroll and read everything the other guy wrote.
	Fix bug in otalk emulation. (Herbert Xu,

	Make talk handle window resize better.

	netkit-ntalk-0.16 is released.

	Total rewrite of curses handling in talk to add support for
	  scrollback. (David A. Holland,

	Always ask curses to map input CRs to LFs.
	  (Olaf Kirch,

	Complete y2k and y2038 audit.

	Redid makefiles/config stuff for new confgen version.

	Fix small glitch in talkd man page.
	Preliminary version of code in repairs.c to handle otalk 
	  packets (at least of the kind ytalk emits). It seems 
	  current ytalk versions will hork without this.

	netkit-ntalk-0.11 released.
	We don't need to check for BSD signal semantics now; updated
	  MCONFIG and regenerated configure script.

	Fixed bug: the talkd announce message is passed as the format 
	  string to fprintf, so if it has %'s in it, we probably crash.
	Copied <protocols/talkd.h> into include directory, because we
	  need to fiddle with it.
	Rearrange/clean up talkd source. Removed mytalkd.h.
	Added lots of checking and paranoia to packet handling. 
	Don't reply to the ctl_addr in the packet; reply to where the
	  packet came from.
	Created framework for working with bogus packets.
	Beefed up talkd's debug logging.
	Cleanup in talk. Removed talk_ctl.h.
	Fixed the problem where talk goes and blindly binds things to
	  the wrong local addresses.
	We don't need talk.FvK.patch any more, either.
	Filter high-ascii control characters in talk as well as regular
	  ones. (Olaf Kirch,
	Don't zoom off the end of the string fields of the input packet in
	  talkd. (Olaf Kirch,

	Fix talkd to use WIFEXITED et al. rather than assume things about
	the bits returned by wait.

	netkit-ntalk-0.10 released.

	Pause before clearing the screen on exit. (Peter Tobias,

	glibc fixes from Red Hat.

	Added configure script to generate MCONFIG.
	Fix problem in talkd that issued PERMISSION_DENIED instead of
	  NOT_HERE. (Joerg Kleuver,, via 
	Talk accepts ^H and ^? as erase characters regardless of stty
	Better utmp handling in talkd.

	Split from full NetKit package. 
	Generated this change log from NetKit's.

	NetKit-0.09 released.
	Assorted alpha/glibc patches. (Erik Troan,
	Assorted bug fixes from Debian. (Peter Tobias,
	Hardened programs against DNS h_length spoofing attacks.
	Use inet_aton() everywhere instead of inet_addr().
	8-bit fixes to talk. (Christer Weinigel,
	Assorted fixes to talk. (Florian La Roche)
	Talk handles ^Z correctly now.

	NetKit-B-0.08 released.
	(almost) everything now compiles with lots of warnings turned on.
	talk now beeps correctly with ncurses (fix from Marek Rouchal

	NetKit-B-0.07A released.

	NetKit-B-0.07 released.
	Integrated a collection of patches that had been lurking on the net,
	  including the 256-ptys support for telnetd and passive mode ftp.
	Major security fixes, including to fingerd, lpr, rlogin, rsh, talkd, 
	  and telnetd. Do *not* use the sliplogin from earlier versions of this
	  package, either.
	talkd is flashproof.
	Much of the code builds without libbsd.a or bsd includes.
	Massive code cleanup. Almost everything compiles clean with gcc
	  -Wall now. rusers and rusersd do not; patches to rpcgen to fix
	  this would be appreciated if anyone feels like it.
	New maintainer:  David A. Holland,

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.06 released.
	Have talk be interruptable by Ctrl-Z from John Tombs (haven't 
	  tested this)

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.05 released.
	Fixed talk connection problem for multihomed hosts (Pauline
	  Middelink) This patch must be activated by editing the Makefile
	  of "talk" as this is not the correct way to set up a linux
	  host/solve this problem...

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.04 released.
	Changes to talk and talkd from newer NetBSD versions.

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.03 released.

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