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Tasks 0.20

* More translation updates
* Remove OpenMoko port
* Remove Hildon port

Tasks 0.19

* Lots of translations
* Fix i18n in the about dialog

Tasks 0.18

* Lots of translatios
* Display a translated license
* Ensure the entry is correctly styled

Tasks 0.17

* Use "category" instead of "group" consistently (MBC#847)
* Add a "Tomorrow" button to the date combo
* Add command-line task creation
* Ellipsize categories in the combo
* Correctly handle non-ASCI task notes (MB#7190)
* Fix compliation on GTK+ < 2.16 and GTK+ > 2.20
* Translation updates

Tasks 0.16

* Don't crash if you edit a task and then delete it
* Lots of translations
* Don't use SexyIconEntry
* Move task ellipsising to the middle
* Show tooltips for tasks with notes

Tasks 0.15

* Add --edit-task
* Use gtk_show_uri if available
* Lots of translation updates
* Add magic patterns "in x days" and "in x weeks"

Tasks 0.14

* Magic date parser when adding tasks
* Support libunique in the GTK+ port (Jonny Lamb)
* Support OWL window menus in the GTK+ port
* Save and restore the edit window size
* Add a clickable note icon (#548)
* Ellipsize the undo/redo menu items (#741)
* Make sure the date popup doesn't go off the screen (#752)

Tasks 0.13

* Updated Hildon port.
* Updated OpenMoko port
* Elipses added to Edit menu item (#537, Michael Monreal).

Tasks 0.12

* Add undo/redo support (#312, #508, #510)
* Disable actions which require a selected task when no task is selected
* Port OpenMoko UI to the New World Order
* Add a 24x24 icon (#475)

Tasks 0.11

* Update the window title in an idle callback, fixing crashes (#401)
* Persist and restore the window position (#397)
* Fix compile with non-gcc compilers (#408, #405)
* Set a title on the New Group dialog
* Fix package checks for the Maemo port
* Implement open URL in the Maemo port
* Hide button and menu images in Maemo port

Tasks 0.10

* Basic Maemo port (thanks Rob Bradford for the initial work)
* Internal refactoring of the grouping architecture
* Don't allow tabbing in the Notes field (#381)
* Make the Notes tab label bold if there are notes

Tasks 0.9

* Show icon in the main task view when a task has a URL
* When clicking on the URL icons, start a web browser
* Revert the group when cancelling New Group
* Make the editor dialog two pane, with Notes on a seperate pane

Tasks 0.8

* Allow filtering on uncategorised tasks (#370, thanks Andrey Tatarinov)
* Fix off-by-one in the window title when deleting tasks (#353)
* Display day names if the task is due in the next week
* Don't use properties that only exist in GTK+ 2.10
* Fix builds against Glib < 2.10
* Add a label to the Category combo (#320)
* When editing a task, raise any existing windows (#350)
* Display a confirmation when deleting tasks from the editor (#351)
* Set the task editor title to the task summary (#349)

Tasks 0.7

* When adding a new task, parse ! or + as high priority, - as low priority, and
  @foo as the group foo.
* Make the details window wider (#314)
* Fix mnemonic activation on the description field
* Close the New Group dialog on enter (#347)
* Add a menu shortcut for Mark Complete (#346)
* Don't conflict the Description and Delete mnemonics (#345)
* Enable interactive searches in the task view (#315)
* Allow multiple editor windows to be open (#317)
* Add a keybinding for Delete

Tasks 0.6

* Fix due date calculations (#322)
* Unescape strings in the task editor (#316)
* Fix build with --as-needed (#329, thanks Fryderyk Dziarmagowski)
* Add translator credits to the about dialog (#328)

Tasks 0.5

* Add an OpenMoko frontend (Rob Bradford)
* New icons from Andreas Nilsson to match the Pimlico style
* Use a SexyIconEntry for the URL entries if available (Diego Escalante Urrelo, #241)
* Fix layout of widgets in the task editor (Diego Escalante Urrelo, #236)
* Chain up focus events in the new task label fixing warnings and IM
* Add some padding around the editor dialog (#323)
* Improve messages for translation
* Translate the menu bar
* Fix license to refer to Tasks not Sound Juicer
* Remove Application from the desktop file

Tasks 0.4

* Add a menu bar with lots of useful functions like shortcuts for new task,
  delete task, edit task, complete task, delete task, and delete all completed
* Mark the current day on the calendar popup
* Stop duplicate groups appearing in the task editor (#239)
* Only count uncompleted tasks for the titlebar
* Don't override C-C in the task editor

Tasks 0.3

* Translatable (thanks Jordi Mallach)
* Add a category combo in the edit dialog to select categories, and a category
  filter in the main window
* When adding new tasks if the view if filtered, put the task in that category
  (Emmanuele Bassi)
* Don't embolden completed high priority tasks
* Show task count in the title bar
* Use the stock Add button
* Enable building on GTK+ 2.8

There was an amazing response to my call for translations:
* nl (Espen Stefansen)
* nl (Wouter Bolsterlee, Chrisph Brill)
* pl (Tomasz Dominikowski)
* id (Arief Utama)
* pt_BR (Bruno Boaventura)
* fr (Bruno Bord)
* gl (Alejandro Riveira Fernández)
* sk (ja@disorder)
* vi (Nguyen Thai Ngoc Doy)
* el (Stagros Giannouris)
* cs (Vitezslav Kotrla)
* et (Priit Laes)
* eu (Mikel Olasagasti)
* sv (Andreas Henriksson)
* it (Emmanuele Bassi)
* tr (Tuyan Ozipek)
* es (Adolfo González Blázquez)
* de (Christoph Brill)
* ca (Jordi Mallach)

Tasks 0.2

* Sort tasks based on the locale
* Persist window size
* Allow GTK+ themes to change the task colours
* Move the cursor to new tasks
* Remove the None priority from the interface
* Add a frame around the date popup (thanks Luca)
* Don't close the date popup when the month is changed (thanks Kris)
* Pop down the combo when the button is pressed (thanks Kris)
* Add a faded label to the entry explaining what it is for
* Fix memory leaks

Tasks 0.1

Initial release.
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