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Tasks is a simple To Do list application for GNOME, using libecal (part of
evolution-data-server).  If features a simple interface which follows the Do The
Right Thing principle, for example tasks cannot be sorted manually and instead
are sorted automatically based on a combination of the priority and the due date
(if set).

Because Tasks uses EDS, the tasks are also visible in the panel's clock applet
and Evolution.


The colour of the tasks in the main task view can be configured via the theme
based on the priority of the task.  The defaults are to use the normal text
colour for high and normal priority tasks, and the insensitive text colour for
the done and low priority tasks.  If these colours are not suitable, add
something like this to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0:

style "koto-task-view"
        color["priority-high"] = "red"
        color["priority-normal"] = "blue"
        color["priority-low"] = "green""
        color["priority-done"] = "orange"
class "KotoTaskView" style "koto-task-view"

See the GTK+ theme documentation (the Resource Files section) for the colour
specification format.
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