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This is the TDFSB version 0.0.10

...should run on GNU/Linux, BeOS and FreeBSD

E-Mail  :

written by Leander Seige, license is the GPL (
or see the file COPYING

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA


(a better installation (autoconf) is planned for future releases)

Needed Libraries:

You may need to install 'devel' packages of these
libraries in order to get the necessary .h files
and the sdl-config script.

SDL             (
SDL_image       (
SMPEG           (
OpenGL/GLU/glut (       Linux/FreeBSD:  look at your distribution
                                        if that fails:
                        BeOS:           OpenGL (including GLU) should come 
                                        with BeOS,
                                        for glut look at

There is a small shell script which contains a standard compile
string for every OS (Linux, BeOS and BSD). So please try


If something goes wrong error messages will appear. If
you don't know how to solve them don't hesitate and mail
the error messages to me:

If ./ was successful you can call the tdfsb


or copy the tdfsb binary to your path, e.g. /usr/bin/

Once you have a working tdfsb binary you may try to
edit the for a more optimized version.
You could change the -O2 argument (opimization) to a
higher value (e.g. -O6) or add machine specific
optimizations (e.g.  -march=i686 -mcpu=i686).
Read 'man gcc' for additional arguments.



If you have problems with SDL_image try:
cd /usr/ports/graphics/sdl_image/
make install


This package does not contain a BeOS binary, because i don't 
have BeOS installed on my computer anymore, sorry :/
The source should compile anyway.

I noticed that the SMPEG library could be hard to find,
especially the development package so i made that package
available from my own page:

NVidia Cards under Linux (+FreeBSD?):

I often get emails from NVidia users who have problems
compiling the tdfsb. In most cases they are linking
against the wrong libraries, especially the
In this case please read the instructions that came
with your drivers.
The following often helped but of course i can give no
guarantee, try it on your own risk!
    There are two's. Move the original
    to a safe place ( or something).
    Make a link> is often >500kByte while
    the wrong is much smaller.


Thanks to:

Marc Berhault for some additional code (see ChangeLog)

Nico 'aMadMan' Toerl for extensive beta testing

Kyle 'greenfly' Rankin for some additional code (see ChangeLog)

Benjamin Burke for help and testing of the

Rafal Zawadzki for creating man pages and debian packages

all the people who sent me additional compile strings and new ideas


tdfsb -V
tdfsb --version
tdfsb -D /path/to/dir
tdfsb --dir /path/to/dir

- the config file is $HOME/.tdfsb (e.g. /home/user/.tdfsb). if it does not
  exist tdsfb will generate one with all available options. this is strongly

- if you start the tdfsb the first time, press 'h' for the help menu
  (will also be printed to the terminal)

- simply walk into the spheres for cd'ing into another directory

- select an object by pointing at it with the crosshair and press the left
  mouse button. or hold the left mouse button and press any key to select
  the first object that begins with that character (case sensitive).
    -   while an object is selected press the right mouse button simultaneously to
        automatic approach the object
        [unfortunately doesn't work on BeOS as well as resizing the window, afaik
        these are issues of the SDL implementation, use the right CTRL for now].
    -   if an mp3 or mpeg1 video file is selected press the RETURN key to start
        the playback

- some of the displays are not visible while the help display is active

- it is possible to execute a custom command from within tdfsb. configure
  your command in the config file! the command can be called by pressing
  the tabulator key. put a "%s" in the command line, this will be replaced
  by the current directory or selected file.
  for instance if you set the command to
    xmms "%s" &
  and press tab from a directory, xmms will be started with the directory
  given as argument. 
  if you select an audio file and press the tab key xmms will play the file.
  the default command is
    cd "%s"; xterm&
  it will open a xterm in the current directory.
  this command is always present by pressing shift+tab!
  so you have two commands: 
  - one by configuring your custom command for the tab key
  - one by pressing shift+tab, it will execute the built in xterm call  
  but dont forget the quotation marks!
  you are free to not add "%s" to your custom command if you just
  want to launch any program. but if you do so, you can customize
  tdfsb for your needs, choose a certain kind of files and than launch
  emacs for editing text files, mplayer for playing avis or whatever...

Here is a print out of the default keyboard settings.
You may change these by editing ~/.tdfsb

Esc           quit   F1/F2    speed +/-
Mouse move    look   F3/F4      rot +/-
UP         forward   F5/F6  ball detail
DOWN      backward   HOME     start pos
L/R     step aside   LMB  select object
END    ground zero   +RMB|CTRL appr.obj
F7/F8  max fps +/-   +ENTER ply mpg/mp3
"t"      filenames   "g"   ground cross
"c"      crosshair   "d"        display
"."      dot files   "p"      print FPS
"r" rel./get mouse   "f"     fullscreen
"l"     reload dir   "b"   image bricks
"u"           cd..   "a"      alphasort
"m"        shading   " "         flying
"h"      show help   "i"  print GL info
"0"      jump home   "o"    classic nav
"s"    save config   "#"   fps throttle
"1|3|q|e"            Up|Down|Left|Right
"2|w"                  Forward|Backward
PgUp/Down or MMB+Mouse move up/downward

ps. TDFSB is 6 years old now and I havent done anything on it for a long time.
Today I would code a lot of things very different - better i hope - than years
ago. But, so what, it still works and I got very less bug reports on tdfsb.
Some days ago I installed Gentoo for the first time and I heared that someone
(thank you!) build a package for Gentoo so I tried emerge tdfsb and it worked :) 
Besides that it has problems with freeglut which I quickly fixed now.
So I hope some people, YOU,  still like it. Have fun!
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