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This is Tessa 3D-FDTD. This software is designed to study optical
structures at the wavelength scale using the finite-differences
time-domain method. The Tessa home-page is located at:
You can always find the latest version here.

This software is free software, and as such comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Tessa was developed by:
Josselin Mouette
Laboratoire d'électronique, optoélectronique et microsystèmes (UMR 5512)
École centrale de Lyon, France

Although it is not required, we'd appreciate some acknowledgement in all
publications for which you used this software.

The installation is done with GNU autotools:
make install

./configure --help will give you a list of configuration options.

Some documentation can be found in the doc/ directory.
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