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Anysize is a simple package that can be used to set up the margins
of a document.

This package is obsolete. Use the package typearea to define your
margins typographically correct. Use the package geometry or vmargin
for everything else.

The files of this distribution are:
  README           the file that you are just reading
  anysize.tex      source code for the documentation
  anysize.sty      LaTeX package file

Installation instructions for a TDS compiant system:

1) process the documentation
  latex anysize

2) install the files (texmf stands for the root of your texmf system)
  anysize.sty         -> texmf/tex/latex/misc
  README, anysize.dvi -> texmf/doc/latex/anysize

Legal stuff:

All these files are hereby put into the public domain. Please change
the name of the package if you make changes.

Thoams Esser,, Nov. 2001
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