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All the bib files that are missing here are available at

We don't have them all here (to save space).

Not included:
        acm             collected algorithms of the ACM
        all_brec        automatic differentiation
        as              Applied Statistics
        cgf             Computer Graphics Forum
        compsys         Computing Systems (Journal of the USENIX Assoc.)
        epstein		windowing systems and security
        gnu             GNU manuals (extremely incomplete)
        gut             Cahier GUTenberg (French TeX)
        gvl             Golub/Van Loan Matrix Computations
        intbib          interior point methods for mathematical programming
        jclt            J. of C Language Translation
        ovr             operations research
        postscri        works about PostScript
        red-a-f         Reduce (authors A-F)
        red-g-l         Reduce (authors G-L)
        red-m-z         Reduce (authors M-Z)
        redbooks        Reduce
        reduce          placeholder
        texjourn        journals that accept and publish TeX source
        toms            Trans. on Math. Software
        trees           drawing trees in TeX
        xres            The X Resource
        ep              EP and RIDT conferences
        epodd           EP-ODD journal
        litprog         literate programming, i.e., web
        master          Beebe's personal
        mrabbrev        journal abbreviations for Math. Reviews
        standard        ANSI & POSIX standards
        texbook1        works about TeX and digital typography
        texbook2        works prepared in TeX
        texgraph        graphics in TeX
        texnique        TUG's TeXniques series
        tugboat         TUGboat, complete
        unix		books about Unix
        asi             NATO Advanced Study Institutes directed by Byrnes
        byrnes          temporary references that should be in kbmath
        institut        institution abbreviations
        journal         journal abbreviations
        kbmath          random math papers on wavelets, antenna theory, ...
        publish         publisher abbreviations
        reading         vision & reading research
        type            general typography and letterform design
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