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Readme file for the `scale' package v1.1 <98/11/02>

This is the file `README', which accompanies the `scale' package
distribution.  The package scales a document by \sqrt{2} og by

This is useful if you are preparing a document on e.g. A5 paper and
want to print on A4 paper to achieve a better resolution.

The `scale' package consists of three files:
    README       -  this file
    scale.dtx    -  the macro code and instructions on how to use
                     the package in `docstrip'-able format.
    scale.ins    -  The installation driver

To install the `scale' package, just run LaTeX on the file `scale.ins'.

You may redistributre this package under the terms of the GNU general public license. Please see the file COPYING for more information.

Soeren Sandmann (
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