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Package: texlive-bibtex-extra
Source: texlive-extra
Version: 2012.20120611-2
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Original-Maintainer: Debian TeX Maintainers <>
Installed-Size: 42584
Depends: texlive-common (>= 2012.20120516), dpkg (>= 1.14.18), tex-common (>= 3), texlive-binaries (>= 2012-0), texlive-latex-base (>= 2012.20120516)
Section: tex
Priority: optional
Description: TeX Live: Extra BibTeX styles
 Additional BibTeX styles and bibliography databases, including BibLaTeX.
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  aichej -- Bibliography style file for the AIChE Journal.
  amsrefs -- A LaTeX-based replacement for BibTeX.
  apacite -- Citation style following the rules of the APA.
  apalike2 -- Bibliography style that approaches APA requirements.
  beebe --
  bibarts -- "Arts"-style bibliographical information.
  bibexport -- Extract a BibTeX file based on a .aux file.
  bibhtml -- BibTeX support for HTML files.
  biblatex -- Bibliographies in LaTeX using BibTeX for sorting only.
  biblatex-apa -- Biblatex citation and reference style for APA.
  biblatex-bwl --
  biblatex-chem -- Chemistry styles for biblatex.
  biblatex-chicago -- Chicago style files for biblatex.
  biblatex-dw -- Humanities styles for biblatex.
  biblatex-fiwi -- Biblatex styles for use in German humanities.
  biblatex-historian -- A Biblatex style.
  biblatex-ieee -- Ieee style files for biblatex.
  biblatex-juradiss -- Biblatex stylefiles for German law thesis.
  biblatex-luh-ipw -- Biblatex styles for social sciences.
  biblatex-mla -- MLA style files for biblatex.
  biblatex-musuos -- A biblatex style for citations in musuos.cls.
  biblatex-nature -- Biblatex support for Nature.
  biblatex-nejm -- Biblatex style for the New England Journal of Medicine
  biblatex-philosophy -- Styles for using biblatex for work in philosophy.
  biblatex-science -- Biblatex support for Science.
  biblatex-swiss-legal -- Bibliography and citation styles following Swiss
   legal practice.
  biblist -- Print a BibTeX database.
  bibtopic -- Include multiple bibliographies in a document.
  bibtopicprefix -- Prefix references to bibliographies produced by bibtopic.
  bibunits -- Multiple bibliographies in one document.
  breakcites -- Ensure that multiple citations may break at line end.
  cell -- Bibliography style for Cell.
  chbibref -- Change the Bibliography/References title.
  chicago -- A "Chicago" bibliography style.
  chicago-annote -- Chicago-based annotated BibTeX style.
  chembst -- A collection of BibTeX files for chemistry journals.
  chscite -- Bibliography style for Chalmers University of Technology.
  collref -- Collect blocks of references into a single reference.
  compactbib -- Multiple thebibliography environments.
  custom-bib -- Customised BibTeX styles.
  din1505 -- Bibliography styles for German texts.
  dk-bib -- Danish variants of standard BibTeX styles.
  doipubmed -- Special commands for use in bibliographies.
  fbs -- BibTeX style for Frontiers in Bioscience.
  figbib -- Organize figure databases with BibTeX.
  footbib -- Bibliographic references as footnotes.
  geschichtsfrkl -- BibLaTeX style for historians.
  harvard -- Harvard citation package for use with LaTeX 2e.
  harvmac -- Macros for scientific articles.
  historische-zeitschrift -- Biblatex style for the journal 'Historische
  ijqc -- BibTeX style file for the Intl. J. Quantum Chem.
  inlinebib -- Citations in footnotes.
  iopart-num -- Numeric citation style for IOP journals.
  jneurosci -- BibTeX style for the Journal of Neuroscience.
  jurabib -- Extended BibTeX citation support for the humanities and legal
  ksfh_nat --
  listbib -- Lists contents of BibTeX files.
  logreq -- Support for automation of the LaTeX workflow.
  margbib -- Display bibitem tags in the margins.
  multibib -- Multiple bibliographies within one document.
  munich -- An alternative authordate bibliography style.
  notes2bib -- Integrating notes into the bibliography.
  perception -- BibTeX style for the journal Perception.
  pnas2009 -- Bibtex style for PNAS.
  rsc -- BibTeX style for use with RSC journals.
  showtags -- Print the tags of bibliography entries.
  sort-by-letters -- Bibliography styles for alphabetic sorting.
  splitbib -- Split and reorder your bibliography.
  uni-wtal-ger --
  urlbst -- Web support for BibTeX.
  usebib -- A simple bibloography processor.
  vak -- BibTeX style for Russian Theses, books, etc.
  xcite -- Use citation keys from a different document.
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