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This directory contains the Kpathsea[rch] library, which implements
generic path searching, configuration, and TeX-specific file searching.

See `NEWS' for changes by release, `ChangeLog` for all changes.
See `INSTALL' for installation instructions.
See `BUGS' for bug reporting details.
See `README.CONFIGURE' for details on running the configure scripts.
See `PROJECTS' for future improvements you might like to work on.

Suggestions for improvements in either the library or the documentation,
no matter how small, are welcome. But please read ./BUGS before sending
a bug report.

This is free software.  See the files GPL and LGPL for copying permissions.
The top-level headers are `pathsearch.h' for the generic path searching
support, and `tex-{file,glyph}.h' for the TeX-specific support.
Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- write
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