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This is the README file of the gbsn00lp.tar.gz package, 16-Jul-2005.

The original font file is

It has been first converted with the fontforge script `' to
create a set of Unicode encoded subfonts, then with the perl script
`' to create virtual fonts which provide Big5 encoded subfonts as
used by the CJK package for LaTeX. These two scripts are part of the CJK
package. You need fontforge 20050713 or newer to run the scripts by

This font package follows the TDS directory structure; the font family names
for Unicode and Big5 font encodings are `gbsnu' and `gbsnlp', respectively.
For installation, simply copy the files to the corresponding locations in
your TEXMF tree. LaTeX font definition files and example files for testing
can be found in the CJK package.

---End of README---
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