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Copyright 2008 TeX Users Group.
You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file.

These files are about dealing with the ToUnicode feature for CJK fonts.
They were created by Jin-Hwan Cho for (e.g.) dvipdfmx:

EUC-UCS2: can be used for ToUnicode cmap from EUC -> UCS2.
UniKSCms-UCS2-H(V): supplements Adobe's UniKS-UCS2-H(V), which miss some
UTF8-UCS2: from,
The file is important to have right bookmarks in uplatex + dvipdfmx.

Background (from ChoF): KSC stands for "Korean Standard Characters". The
very popular encoding of Korean characters is "KSC5601". It was extended
to "KSX1001". Usually we say "EUC-KR" for this encoding. However, this
encoding does not include full current Korean characters, so Microsoft
made a new encoding "CP949".  It is also called "KSCms" or "UHC" (Unified
Hangul Characters) too.
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