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I'd like to announce the availability of
my LaTeX2e acronym Package from CTAN.

 - call 'latex acronym.ins' and copy the acronym.sty - file into
   a path searched by LaTeX.

When writing a paper on cellular mobile radio I started to used a lot
of acronyms. This can be very disturbing for the reader, as he might
not know all the used acronyms. To help the reader I kept a list of
all the acronyms at the end of my paper.

This package makes sure, that all acronyms used in the text are
spelled out in full at least once. And it provides an environment to
keep a list of used acronyms.

Files of the `acronym' package:
  readme		This file
  acronym.dtx		Sourcecode, example file & documentation
  acronym.ins		Installation script generating the source and an example
  acronym.pdf		PDF Version of the Docs
  CHANGES               list of changes
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