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* The documentation files in this directory describe version 3.1.0; mule2cjk
* no longer exists---please read cjk-enc.txt for the new interaction between
* Mule and CJK. Until now I couldn't reach the author again.

In this directory you find a suite of small documentation files which deal
with CJK and other Japanese features/systems in relation to TeX. They were
contributed by TANAKA Shinichiro <>.

japanese.jis is the Japanese version of japanese.txt . Note that this file
and the file shibuaki.txt contain Japanese characters in JUNET encoding.

Please send any comments and suggestions to the author of these doc files.
Questions related to non-CJK topics should be asked in the fj.comp.text
news group since the author only uses CJK.

Documentation how to use Wadalab fonts can be found in the contrib/wadalab
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