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The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle --- D. P. Story
Version 6.01 

0)  acrotex.ins --- installation batch file for the AcroTeX Bundle.
1)  web.dtx --- a package that redefines the page layout to
    more web-friendly dimensions.  Also defines a new table of
    contents, navigational aids.  Driver options are for dvipsone
    (by Y&Y), dvips, pdftex, dvipdfm and dviwindo.  There are
    language options for dutch, french, german, italian.
     norsk, russian spanish, dansk, polish, finnish.
2)  exerquiz.dtx --- a package that defines three new environments:
    (1) exercise, for creating online exercises with solutions
    linked to the questions; (2) shortquiz, for creating multiple
    choice quizzes with immediate response, with options to see the
    solution; (3) quiz, longer quizzes that are graded with
    JavaScript, the quizzes can optionally be corrected by
    JavaScript as well. 
3)  eForms.dtx -- this package give fairly complete support of PDF forms. The
    documentation for this package is eformman.pdf
4)  insdljs.dtx --- a package for inserting document level JavaScripts
    from a LaTeX source. Command for defining open page actions and an
    environment for defining JavaScript.
5)  dljslib.dtx --- A library of JavaScript functions for modifying the way
    in which Exerquiz processes an answer.
6) -- this zip file contains a file eq_pdfs.tex that
    demonstrates that exerquiz works with pdfscreen.
7) Package --- The eq2db Package is a LaTeX package converts exerquiz
    quizzes to quizzes that are submitted to server-side script. There are also
    general server-side script for storing quiz results to to a database, emailing
    results to the instructor, and storing quiz results to a tab-delimited text file.
    The scripts are ASP (Active Server Pages) and require Ms IIS 4.0 or later.
8)  webeqman.pdf --- the manual of usage for web/exerquiz packages. Screen version.
9)  webeqman_p.pdf --- the manual of usage for web/exerquiz packages, print version.
10) eformman.pdf --- the manual that describes eForm support
11) eformman_p.pdf --- printable version of same.
12) eq2dbman.pdf --- manual of usage for the eq2db Package and accompanying scripts.
13) eq2dbman_p.pdf --- printable version of same.

Installation Instructions:
Create a directory in the search path of your LaTeX installation called
acrotex, and unzip the package.  Install the AcroTeX
Bundle by executing the command: latex acrotex.ins. The eq2db Package (optional)
can be installed with the command: latex eq2db.ins.

Now try LaTeXing the file webeqtst.tex, with the appropriate driver
option set: E.g.,

Hopefully everything will work correctly.

The manual of usage, webeqman.pdf, was written using the web and
exerquiz packages.  The printable version, webeqman_p.pdf is the
manual re-LaTeXed using the `forpaper' option of the exerquiz
package.  All the details are contained in this manual.

If you want to do something fancy with eForms, review the eformman.pdf.
If you are interested in online quizzing, see eq2dbman.pdf.

Let me know if there are problems or suggested features.  e-mail
me at

I maintain a web site featuring TeX/LaTeX/PDF stuff called
AcroTeX (  There you
will find the home web page of the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.

Now, I simply must get back to work.

D. P. Story
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