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rst package
Version 1.3, dated 17-Feb-2003

TeX Macros to typeset Rhetorical Structures (RSTs).

Written by David Reitter (reitter at

All rights reserved. Usage is free, put please cite or point to the manual.
Copyright 2003 David Reitter. No redistribution, if .tar.gz file is altered.

New versions to be found here: (CompLing/Lang.Tech. area)

This package provides the commands \dirrel, \multinuc, \rstsegment,
the standalone command \rl,
and the environment rhetoricaltext with the associated commands \unit, \source and \relr.

Please refer to rst-package.pdf for instructions.


Use .sty as usual with a \usepackage{rst} instruction.

This package requires the following other packages, which usually come with the standard TeX installations.

- color (can be avoided, see manual)
- ifthen
- calc
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