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This directory contains the macro ean13 and ean8 for making EAN
barcodes (13 or 8 digit on input and kern-rule queue on output).

The usage of the macros is commeted in the file ean13.tex or ean8.tex.
The simple test is presented in file eantest.tex (for plain).
Macro works in plain and LateX and other standard macro packages.

The fonts ocrb9 and ocrb7 is used. The mf-sources are presented (this
is the copy from CTAN:fonts/ocr-b) with a little correction (the
mode_setup is added to begin of file

ean13.tex .... EAN 13 macro by Petr Olsak
ean8.tex  .... EAN 8  macro by Jaroslav Moucka (student)
eantest.tex .. test of ean13 and ean8 in plain.
*.mf ......... mf-sources of OCR-b font by Norbert Schwarz

Petr Olsak (Ol\v{s}\'ak)
Department of Mathematics
Czech Techical University in Prague, 
Czech Republic
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