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{chextras}[2010/10/10 v1.0 Swiss companion package]

The chextras package is a companion for the chletter document class and
other classes. It is targeted at the Swiss typesetter.

It simplifies the preparation of documents and letters by loading and
setting up font, linguistic and other common packages.

While it is linked to the chletter document class, it is not tied to it
and may be used as a general purpose toolbox for casual writing.

This package is compatible with with both LaTeX and XeTeX, taking in
account their specifics and setting things up accordingly.

A bunch of options are provided to easily alter the behaviour of loaded
packages. Additional options allow for disabling unwanted features.

Provided files:
chextras.dtx    code and documentation
chextras.ins    install script
chextras.pdf    documentation

Copyright 2010 Boris Oriet
The licence is LPPL 1.3c.
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