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Copyright (c) 2004 Mike Kaufmann
Licence: LPPL

1. What is it?
The logpap package provides four macros for drawing logarithmic-logarithmic,
logarithmic-linear, linear-logarithmic and (because it was easy to implement)
linear-linear graph paper with LaTeX.

2. Example
Look at the file example.pdf to get an overview.
The source can be generated by answering the question "There is an example
file in logpap.dtx. Generate it? [y/n]" with y when running lcd.ins thru TeX.

3. Generating logpap.sty
Simply run:    tex logpap.ins

4. Making the Documentation
To get contents, cross references and index right, run TeX and makeindex
as follows:

latex logpap.dtx
latex logpap.dtx
makeindex -s logpap.idx
makeindex -o logpap.gls -s logpap.glo
latex logpap.dtx

5. Files
00readme    example.pdf    logpap.dtx    logpap.ins
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