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 * Author:	William Chia-Wei Cheng (
 * @(#)$Header: /mm2/home/cvs/bc-src/tgif/README,v 1.7 2009/10/04 03:02:48 william Exp $

This is the ``tgif'' README file.  Tgif is pronounced, "T-G-I-F".

Tgif is an Xlib base 2-D drawing facility under X11.

1) Please read the "Copyright" file in this distribution for the copyright
   and licensing information.

   Please note that starting from tgif-4.1.41, an Open Sourced version of
   tgif is simulatneously released under the Q Public License.  For every
   tgif-x.y.z release, a corresponding tgif-QPL-x.y.z is also release.
   Therefore, if you want to use an Open Sourced version of tgif, please
   look for the tgif-QPL releases.

2) Tgif resources:

                    Home Page:
   Current Release & Download:
         Join to Mailing List:
                 Mailing List:
          Bug Reports Send To:

3) Please read, the man pages that comes with the distribution.
	nroff -t -man | more	<== to view
	psroff -man		<== to print

4) If you want to use imake, you can copy Tgif.tmpl-PLATFORM to Tgif.tmpl
   (where PLATFORM depends on the platform you are on).  The default Tgif.tmpl
   is identical to Tgif.tmpl-linux.  There's only a few Tgif.tmpl-* files in
   the current release of tgif.  More will be added when they become available.
   I only have access to limited number of platforms, so if you don't find your
   platform listed, please ask a local expert to modify Tgif.tmpl and send a
   working version to me so I can create new Tgif.tmpl-* files.

5) Modify the DEFINES line at the beginning of Tgif.tmpl or Makefile.noimake
   (see "Things to try..." in the Tgif.tmpl for examples).  Please do not
   change -DTELEPORT_ATTR=\"warp_to=\", -DLAUNCH_ATTR=\"launch=\", or

   If you plan to do a "make install" and you don't have root privileges,
   please uncomment (by remove XCOMM) BINDIR, MANPATH, and the second occurance
   of TGIFDIR, and replace "/u/halfmoon" with your target directory (such as

6) If you have imake and xmkmf, do the following (this is the preferred way
   of building tgif),
	make tgif
	make install

   If you don't have imake, just do the following,
	cp Makefile.noimake Makefile
	make tgif

   If you have imake but don't have xmkmf, do the following,
		(note that the config directory should be set to
		wherever you can find Imake.tmpl)
	imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/local/libdata/X11/config
	make tgif
	make install

7) If you do not have imake or xmkmf, please try the following (you can
   change "/usr" to a top-level directory where you would like tgif to be
   installed, e.g., "${HOME}"; this will cause tgif to be installed in
   ${HOME}/bin and other data files to be installed in ${HOME}/lib/X11/tgif):
	./configure --prefix=/usr
	make install

   If "make" does not work, it may be due to platform-specific
   problems, please do the following for specified platforms:

	Mac OS X: append "-D__DARWIN__ -D_NO_DL_SUPPORT" after
			"-DUSE_XT_INITIALIZE" in Makefile

   Afterwards, please try the following:
	make clean
	make install

8) If your <Meta> key does not work on a HP-UX machine, try doing the following
   (<Meta> is also labeled <Alt> on some keyboards):

	xmodmap -e "clear mod1"
	xmodmap -e "add mod1 = Meta_L Meta_R"

9) Please also note that tgif has nothing to do with GIF files/formats.
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